Partial Exhibitor/Line Listing

Below is a partial listing of exhibitors and lines who are participating in the September 2014 show, current as 7/16/2014.

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1925 Brand  
29 Tonight, Inc.  
3D Puzzles  
79 South China Imports  
A & F Gift and Souvenir Co. Limited  
A & J International Merchandise  
A & S Designs  
A Finishing Touch  
A.T. Storrs  
AAB Style Inc  
ABC Cash & Carry Wholesale  
ABS Products Inc.  
ACE USA / Polar Graphics  
AMIA Suncatchers  
Acacia Creations  
Ace Hy Sales, Inc.  
Action Eyz  
Adajio Collection  
Advanced Graphics  
Adventure Planet  
Advice from Nature  
Aeromax, Inc.  
Ahead Inc.  
Alabama Girl  
Alexon Group, The  
Allergic to Cities  
Aloe Up Sun & Skin Care Products  
Aloha Republic  
Aluminum Gift Embellishments  
Alynn Neckwear  
Amelio C. Enterprises, Inc.  
American Backcountry / Altered Latitudes  
American Cap Exchange  
American Gift Corp  
American Resort Gear  
American Retail Supply  
American Warehouse, Inc.  
Americaware, Inc.  
Amulet Merchandise Inc.  
Amusemints LLC  
Ananda Fashions  
Andreas Silicone  
Angel Toes Inc Temporary Tattoo Brands  
Angelus Decals  
Angelus Pacific Company  
Anju Jewelry  
AnyBling!, Inc.  
Apollo Eyewear  
Apparel South Inc.  
Aqua Jewelry  
Arkash Imports, LLC.  
Art & SoulWorks-Gifts That Give Back  
Art Gifts Inc.dba Connoisseur Arts  
Art Studio Company  
Art of Chokin  
Artables- Where Art and Table Meet  
ArteHouse LLC,  
Artisans, Inc.  
Atlantic Afghans  
Atlas Goods  
Atlas Screen Printing  
Aurora World Inc  
Austins, Inc. Resortwear  
Authentic Cards  
Avalon Apparel  
B*Sport by Boxercraft  
BVT Marketing, LLC  
Bamboo Source  
Bareket Fine Jewelry  
Barry Owen Co., Inc.  
Basic Souvenir  
Basix of America  
Beachcombers International, Inc.  
Beacon Point / LCI World LLC  
Bee Bar Lotions  
Bee Fresh Bee Butter  
Bee Fresh Liquid Hand Soap  
Bee Fresh Shampoo & Conditioner  
Belly & Baby Belly Bar  
Belvedere Stationers  
Ben Kaufman Sales Co. Inc.  
Bert Anderson Collection  
Big Bang Clothing  
Big R Apparel Group  
Billco International Inc.  
Billie's Jewelry & Accessories  
Biltmore Hats  
Blair Cedar  
Blair Cedar and Novelty Works, Inc.  
Blubandoo Cooling Headwear & Accessories  
Blue Chair Bay by Kenny Chesney  
Bobble Magnets  
Body Surf Temporary Tattooz  
Borun America Jewelry  
Boulder Innovations  
Boxercraft, Inc  
Brabo Inc  
Brass Reminders Co., Inc.  
Bravo Sportswear  
Brew City Promotions  
Bria Kate  
Bridge For Africa  
Bright Of America  
Brisco Apparel  
Bronzage Corp.  
Bruce Brown Films LLC  
Buck Wear  
Buckaroo Bandits®  
C & A Sportswear  
C & E Rock Sales  
C & K Import Designs Inc.  
C And C Design  
CMC Scottsdale  
Cabeau, Inc.  
Calico Cottage, Inc.  
California Scene  
Camilla International  
Camo Cuties  
Camp David, Inc.  
Candace Lauren ™  
Canyonlands Publications  
Cape Shore  
Cappelli Straworld, Inc.  
Capsco, Inc.  
Capsmith, Inc.  
Captiv8 Inc.  
Carlos by Carlos Santana  
Carolyn's Snap Shots of the USA  
Castaways By Cromer  
Castle Rock  
Cedar Mesa Pottery  
Chalo LLC  
Characters Unlimited, Inc.  
Charles Products  
Charm Kraft Industries Inc.  
Charming Shark Tropical Accessories, Inc.  
Cheers Wine Accessories  
Chinook Winds  
Christys' Crown  
Christys' of London  
City Bones LLC  
Clawz Shoes LLC  
Clay Critters  
Cliff Weil Inc.  
Cold River Mining  
College Covers  
Colorado Candies  
Columbia Empire Farms  
Comfy Feet LLC  
Compass Industries  
Connoisseur Arts  
Conrad Industries dba A-B Emblem  
Continental Art Center Inc  
Cool Jewels® by Phillips International, Inc  
Cotton Love LLC  
Cowboy Collectibles, Inc.  
Cowichan Embroidery  
Crazyheads Kids  
Creations By Lily  
Creative Apparel Concepts, Inc  
Creative Pewter Designs  
Creative Wraps Inc.  
Cromer Company, The  
Crystal Industrial Limited  
Culture Shock  
Culver- A Division of Moderne Glass Company  
Cuppa Inc  
D & B Trading  
D & D Distributing  
DMPS Co., Ltd.  
DMR Creative  
DPC 1921  
Dainty Miss Manufacturing Corp.  
Dakota Gold  
Dalin Enterprise, Inc.  
Danielle Lourier Collection  
Daron Worldwide Trading Inc.  
Dave Shepard Ent./Unique Impressions  
David Carey Originals  
David Carey, Inc  
David Howell & Company  
DeBry Company  
Deco West  
Desert Gatherings Inc.  
Desert Sunglass of Scottsdale  
Designs Unlimited  
Diamond World  
Dorfman-Pacific Co. Inc.  
Dpals Bubbles  
Dpals Mini Flashlight Key Chain  
Drucker Enterprise, LLC  
Duck Company, The  
Dunitz & Company Inc.  
Dutch American Import Co., Inc.  
Dynasty Gallery  
EMI Sportswear  
Eagle Crest Industries, Inc.  
Eagle Products, Inc.  
Ear Budz- Tattoo earrings  
Earth Sun Moon Trading Company  
Earthart Stoneware  
Earthview Inc.  
Eastern Elm  
Edwards Industries  
El Pack  
Elly Preston  
En Vogue - Art on Tiles  
EnjoyLife, Inc.  
Enor Int'l Inc.  
Epic Spirit  
Erazor Bits  
European Heritage Gifts  
Everest Trading Corp.  
Evolution Pillows  
Exist Inc.  
Expect High Winds  
FBF Originals  
Fancy Color Diamonds  
Fantasy Diamonds  
Fascinations Inc  
Fashion Fuse, Inc.  
Faux Real  
Fifth Avenue Manufacturers  
Fimocreations Inc  
Finley-Holiday Film Corp  
Flap Happy  
Flappin' Flags  
Flik Flops  
Florida State Distributors, Inc  
Focus on Souvenirs  
Folkmanis Puppets  
Folkmanis, Inc.  
Ford Motor Company  
Forum Novelties, Inc.  
Fun Company, Inc.  
G54 Apparel / Great Mountain West 
G54 Design Apparel  
GIFT DEPOT-Dteb Souvenir Depot Corp.  
Gallery Collection  
George S. Chen Corp.  
GetAGadget, Inc  
Gift Peddlers Inc  
Giftable World  
Ginkgo Leaf Trading Co.  
Glitter Tots  
Global Eyewear  
Global Sweet Treats  
GoGo Sports, Inc.  
Goldfarb-Fischer Novelty  
Good Newz Tattooz  
Goods 4 U Global  
Graphic Attack  
Graphics 4 Gear LLC  
Grass Flip  
Gravity Graphics  
Great American Products, Inc  
Green Rhino Inc  
Green Thumb  
Greenola Style  
Gulf Oil Co.  
Gwen's Nest  
Hand & Heart  
Happy Islands/Happy Shirts  
Happy Kids For Kids  
Happy Shirts dba Happy Islands  
Harvey Hutter & Co.  
Hat Graphix 360  
Hatstack - Jeanne Simmons  
Head 'n Home Hats  
Heartfelt Family Traditions  
Heritage Metalworks, Inc.  
Hide & Squeek, LLC / Souvenir Squeekers  
High Range Designs  
High Wind Productions, Inc.  
History and Heraldry  
Ho's Mandarin Imp. & Exp., Inc.  
Hogeye, Inc.  
Holden International Inc.  
Holm Patches & Hats  
Honey Blossom Soap  
Honey House Naturals  
Hot Focus, Inc.  
Hot Sun Corp.  
Hozoni Pottery  
Huckleberry Haven, Inc.  
Huckleberry People, The  
Hytail Ponytail Hat  
I Am A Dreamer LLC  
I-CA Products  
Image West Apparel  
Impact Merchandise  
Impact Photographics  
In The Breeze  
Indiana Jones  
Innovative Foto  
Interstellar Propeller Beanies  
Islander Eyes  
Itty Bit Tees  
Ivy Trading Inc.- Cutie Collections  
J. America Sportswear  
J. Rousek Pen & Pencil Co.  
J. Shadow Apparel  
JAAG Plush  
JJ Retail Packaging, LLC  
Jacaru Australia  
Jacki Desing International Inc.  
Jackson Pacific, Inc.  
Jaco of America, Inc.  
Jacobson Hat Co  
Jailbird Desings / Bee Silly Clothing Company  
Jay Joshua Inc.  
Jelly Belly Candy Company  
Jenkins Enterprises  
Jerry Leigh  
Jewelz Dreams/ Kristen's Kloset  
Jk2 Apparel  
Joanie M  
John Hinde Gifts  
John Wayne hats by Resistol  
Jon's Imports, Inc.  
Joseph K. & Company, LLC  
Jungle Beanie  
Just A Shade Smaller  
Just Towels / It's Classic  
K & P Craft / Himalayan Group Inc.  
K & S Unique  
KB Collection  
KBW Global Corp.  
KC Gifts / Kootenay Collections  
KC Publications  
Kalan LP  
Kapan-Kent Co.  
Karen Keith  
Karol Western Corporation  
Kate Mesta Inc.  
Kathy Ireland Worldwide  
Kelvin Chen Design  
Kenny K.  
Kid-U-Not, Inc.  
King-Max Products, Inc.  
Klikety Klik  
Kool Tees  
Koppe & Co./ Koppe's Candles  
Koru Street LLC  
Kubla Crafts Inc.  
Kung's Trading Co.  
Kurt S. Adler  
L W Bristol Classics  
LML Artisan  
LTC Trading Corp.  
LTV Importes dba Parade Street Products  
Lagaci Sport/Surf Mentality  
Lakeshirts/ Blue 84  
Lakhays Collection Inc.  
Landmark Graphics  
Lantern Press 
Larry Wolf & Assoc.  
Lazy One  
Legacy Athletic  
Legacy Publishing Group Inc.  
Legendary Games  
Leosco Collections  
Liberated Artists  
Liberty Express Inc.  
Liberty Wear  
Lighthouse Apparel  
Lil' Fashion™  
Lin Mfg & Design (Wild Habitat)  
Linda's Lollies  
Lipco Group  
Lipman Gifts  
Liquid Blue Inc.  
Lisa Ann Sparks  
Little Critterz  
Locked and Stocked (I.C.E. Cord)  
Londono Art Studio  
Lone Rock Clothing  
Lone Star Group, The  
Los Angeles Pop Art  
Luba's Fashions  
Lucas-Hill Art & Design  
Lucky 7 USA Inc.  
Lucky MONEY Cologne  
Lucky MONEY Perfume  
Lyn Dorf  
MPI Coin- MPI Promotional Products  
MPS / T.R. McTaggart  
MV Sport  
Mad Bags LLC dba Mad Style  
Mad Gabs Inc.  
Mad Mags  
Mad Style  
Magnet World Inc.  
Magnum Enterprises  
Malibu Sugar  
Marcel Fashion Group Inc. dba Get Lucky  
Marcela Designs  
Maria's Style  
Marian Imports Inc.  
Marquet Fair Trade  
Mascot International, Inc./ Translink Corp.  
Matrix Sales Group  
McGowan Manufacturing Company  
Medallion Mint LLC formerly Coins Unlimited L.L.C.  
Medicine of the People, LLC  
Mei Wah Company  
Melissa & Doug, LLC  
Merle Daniels  
Miami Souvenirs  
Mike David Photography- Natural Stone Gifts  
Mill Wood Art  
Moda Ornamenti  
Modern China Co., Inc.  
Mojo Art & Image  
Monague Native Crafts  
Monster Trendz Inc.  
Montana Artistic Impressions,Inc  
Monterey Import Co.  
Mood Jewels™  
More Than Christmas, Inc.  
Morey's Gifts  
Mossy Oak® Headwear  
Mostly Signs  
Mother Moose Enterprises  
Mountain Life®  
Mountain, The  
My Fun Colors, LLC.  
My Name Christmas Flashing Badges  
My Name Drink Bottle  
Name Drops  
Name People, The  
National Design Corporation LLC  
Natural Cork Fashion Products  
Nature Cast Metalworks (KMK Designs, Inc.)  
Nature's 1  
Neko World Inc  
NewBold Corporation  
Night Light  
Noble Wear Ltd  
North West Laser Design Inc.  
Northern Gifts Inc.  
Nutty Bavarian, The  
Ocean Creek Apparel  
Old Dock Apparel, Inc.  
Old Salty Bastards  
Old West Signs  
Optic Edge  
Organic Tagua Jewelry  
Otto International, Inc.  
Ouray Sportswear  
Out of Hand Graphics, Inc.  
PTL Enterprises  
Pacific Silver Inc.  
Pampeana Glass Art and Green Living Tree  
Panabo Sales  
Panama Jack  
Park Avenue Wholesale Inc.  
Parris Manufacturing Company  
Passion Imports Inc.  
Paykoc Imports  
Peace Pals  
Peace Pals JR  
Peanuts / 2- Eleven LLC  
Peanuts Gang - Torrance Trading  
Peek A Zoo  
Penny Men, The  
Penny Press Machine Co., LLC, The  
Perrin, Inc.  
Perry Blackburne Inc.  
Peruvian Handcrafts, Inc.  
Petting Zoo, The  
Photogenic Inc.  
Pigment & Hue, Inc.  
Pikes Peak Rock Shop/ Wholesale  
Pinnacle Designs  
Pirate Pipeline  
Pitkin Stearns International, Inc.  
Planet Cotton  
Planet Pens  
Plushland, Inc.  
Pomchies, LLC  
Popularity Products LLC  
Porter World Trade  
Prairie Mountain  
Prairie Schooner, The  
Pro Publishing, Inc.  
Pucker Powder by Creative Concepts  
Puka Creations  
Punch Brand  
Purr-Fection By MJC  
Puzzled Inc.  
Queen Of My Heart  
R.S. Covenant, Inc.  
RGU Group, The  
RMR Designs  
Ragwear USA  
Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures  
Raindrops Candy  
Ramatex International  
Ramson's Imports, Inc.  
Ranehan's Warehouse and Workshop  
Rawcliffe Pewter  
Real Dirt Shirts  
Real Insect Co., The  
Real Time Products  
RealTree CAMO wearables  
Reid Foods, Inc.  
Rein Designs/ Jibber Jabbers  
Renegade Club Inc.  
Reno Tahoe Specialty Inc. (RTSI)  
Resort Stop Clothing Company  
Respect our Parks Brand  
Respect the Reef Brand  
Rhode Island Novelty/ Adventure Planet  
Rico Industries  
Rio Nuevo Publishers  
Rising International, Inc.  
Robert Allan Sportswear  
Robin Ruth USA  
Rockin Footwear  
Rocky Mountain Leaf Company  
Rocky Mountain Lip Balm  
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen  
Rogue Apparel Branding LLC  
RollingStone Art Studios Inc.  
Rose Lady, The  
Round the Clock Bar  
Route 66 USA  
Royal Bobbles  
Royal Resortwear, LLC  
Rudolph & Me  
SJT Enterprises, Inc.  
SMH Consulting  
SOS (save our space)  
SS Handcrafted Arts  
SUI International, Ltd/ PinSource  
SWIBCO, Inc.  
Safari Ltd. 
Safari Murano  
Salt Creek Apparel, LLC  
Sam and  
Sand Art S.C.P.  
Sand Zone  
Sanrio/Hello Kitty -Neko World Inc  
Santa's World  
Santana by Carlos Santana  
Sanyork Broadway  
Scala Pro  
Schitt's Creek Paddle Co.  
ScreenWorks, U.S.A. Inc  
Sea To Sky Photography  
Seagull International Inc.  
Seek Publishing  
Selective Apparel  
Sensational Sweets / Creative Cookie, Etc.  
Serendipity Sales  
Shark Crafts  
Shelby Motorcars  
Shellhouse, The  
Sherry Manufacturing  
Shoreline Art Society  
Sienna Sky Jewelry  
Signs 4 Fun, Inc.  
Silver Fetish  
Silver Streak  
Sinobrite, Inc.  
Smith Novelty Company  
Smith-Western Co.  
Snoopy - Torrance Trading  
Snow Leopard Trust  
Sojourn Souvenirs  
Solarisym, Inc.  
Solmate Socks  
Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Games  
Southpoint Sportswear, LLC  
Southwest Inspirations / SWI  
Southwest Specialty Food, Inc.  
Souvenir Avanti  
Souvenir Source  
Sparkling Charms  
Speartek, Inc.  
Spirit Activewear 
Spoontiques, Inc.  
Squire Boone Village  
St. Clair Apparel, Inc.  
Stacy Adams  
Starling USA (Villagehouse Importers, Inc).  
State Line Products  
Stephen Joseph Companies  
Stetson Hat Company  
Stetson® Cloth Hats and Caps  
Stoneage Arts, Inc.  
Stuffed Animal House Ltd  
Stumpy Originals  
Sun Glow Jewels®  
Sunburst Companies  
Sunflower Handmade Leather Inc  
Sunrise Designs Inc.  
Suns Out Inc.  
Super Shit Spices/ Under the Sea Seasonings  
Super Soft Plush  
Swahili Imports  
Sweet Gisele NY Inc.  
TBS Holding Co. dba Animaland  
TGT, Inc.  
TJ Int'l.  
TOT TOOZ Tempory Tattooz  
Taggage Luggage Tags  
Tangerine Temple  
Tank Stream Design Inc.  
Tea Can Company, The  
Techstyles Sportswear  
Teemax Inc  
Tell Industries  
Terrell Creative  
Texas Hold Em  
Texas Leather Mfg.  
Thanks A Million Inc. (Add A Kid)  
That's Cool Concepts  
The College House  
The Endless Summer®  
The Incredible Sunvisor, Inc.  
The Jonsteen Co.  
The Square Golf Ball  
The Village  
Themes Pottery  
Tie Dyes R Us  
Timber Green Woods  
TimberTooz Temporary Tattooz  
Tipsy, Inc.  
Tommy Bahama  
Top Image USA  
Topline Products, Inc.  
Tosy Robotics Joint Stock Company  
Touring Pins  
Towel World / Island Gear  
Translink Corporation  
Travelers Club Luggage  
Treasure Chest Books  
Tree Cycled Art, LLC  
Tree-Free Greetings  
Trendy Rep Group, Inc  
Triangle Sales Corp.  
Triangle Sport Headwear  
Tropical Trends  
Turkey Creek Trading Co.  
Tuwa Elements of the Earth  
Ty Inc.  
Tyca Corporation  
U.S. Toy Company  
UR Stickers / Marketing Ideas Group  
Unipak Designs  
Unique Gems  
Unique Hot Fix, Inc.  
Unison Gifts, Inc.  
Universal Souvenir Co. / Nesbitt Associates  
Universal Specialties  
Unlimited Souvenirs LLC  
V & L Crafts  
Vantage Apparel  
Velo Bling Designs  
Verity Rose  
Viceroy Leather  
Vida Dolce by Kristen  
Village Gifts  
Village Originals, Inc.  
Vintage Button Bling  
Virginia Toy & Novelty  
Visionary Products  
Viva Beads  
W.A.P. Watson  
Wallaroo Hat Company  
Warm Fuzzy Toys  
Watch Over Voodoo  
Wayne Carver Gifts and Souvenirs  
Wear Code  
Weather Tex  
Weatherproof Garment Co  
Western Woods  
Westminster Inc.  
Whackies Candy  
Wheel House Designs, Inc.  
Wheeler Manufacturing Co., Inc.  
Wheeler Mfg. Co., Inc.  
Whistle Creek Hiking Sticks  
White Knight Distributing  
Widafouta Design District  
Wild Habitat  
Wild Palms / Style Inspiration, Inc.  
Wild Republic / K & M International  
Wildflower Company  
Wildlife Artists, Inc.  
Wildlife Cookie Company  
Wildlife Silhouette Series  
Wildthings Snap-Ons, Inc.  
Wildthings T-Shirts  
Winner Enterprise LLC.  
Wishpets Inc., Ltd  
Wood You Tell Me  
World End Imports  
Xiamen Home Direct Enterprise Ltd.  
Xpres, LLC  
Yacht Club Resortwear  
Your Needs Company  
Your True Nature Inc.  
Zoo Tooz Temporary Tattooz  
Zoovenir XL  
Zurko-Smith and Company  
charlie 1horse  
five Accessories  
Wed. Sept. 17:    9am-5pm
Thurs. Sept. 18: 9am-5pm
Fri. Sept. 19:     9am-5pm
Sat. Sept. 20:      9am-2pm
Las Vegas Convention Center
Hall N 2-4
3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Call for Info:
678.285.EXPO (3976)




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